I'm a life-long maker and DIY enthusiast. Here are the kinds of projects I like to work on.


We eat well here, regularly roasting our own coffee, preparing soup stock, sauerkraut, wine, vinegar, and canned veggies. I've taught community workshops on DIY foodmaking, hosted a Food Not Bombs serving out of my apartment for 5 years and once cooked for a cooperative household of 30 people twice weekly.

Coffee roasting! Vinegar Tomatoes awaiting canning


I've worked with large SQL databases and public datasets like business listings, census data, and FEC files; I've automated office tasks, done web development with languages like PHP, Python, ASP.NET, Javascript, Node, HTML, CSS, occasionally code with Java or C. I went to a Recurse Center retreat, they are awesome, you should apply :)

javascript selfies fun interfaces databases, oh, the databases!

Geography, Choropleths and Mash-ups

Geography and mapping is a strong interest and springboard for my learning. In 2006-2007 I experimented with the newly available Google Maps API to create community mash-ups for data including public fruit trees, water fountains, and restrooms. Since then I've built vote trackers, Congressional district matchers, mapping tools for local political initiatives, worked with OpenLayers, PostGIS, QGIS and more. It's been amazing to see the GIS and online mapping space grow up and I continue to enjoy and make use of this knowledge in my life!

mashup1 mashup@ mashup3 congress vote map Sit Lie Precinct Map US Map 6

Hardware Hacking

I became inspired to learn about hardware after seeing a show at MoMA and the power of bringing technology to people through interactive art. I bought my first Arduino in 2008 and in the time since have honed my hardware knowledge and soldering skills. I've facilitated workshops, designed circuit boards, assisted friends with circuit hacking and e-textiles, created projects that have survived Burning Man and the Occupy movement! I think LED lights, sensors and microcontrollers are especially fun.

LED Jars DIY circuits Environmental sensor Soldering with burners LED backpack IR Camera and Light

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